Course credit change and substitute course registration

Recently, students received a notification about the possibility to sign up for a free course POL121-GA, available for everybody who is missing 1.5 ECTS due to the curriculum reform and a switch between 7.5 ECTS and 6 ECTS courses. This announcement only concerns  1st year 2nd semester, and possibly 2nd year students.

How to check if this is your case:

You can check how many credits you have earned last semester through your curriculum transcript, which all students receive during Registration for a following semester. If you don’t have your transcript anymore, you can request one from Tom (office together with Chris and Caroline, next to Reception).

If you are missing 1.5 credits, you will be able to register for the additional course (consisting of four evening lectures and a final assignment) until the end of this week, Friday, September 9th by filling out a Drop/Add form, a signature from your Academic Advisor is not required!

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