Join the VSG! Non-permanent Position Available

Join the VSG!
At the end of the semester, VeCo will be celebrating its 30th anniversary, and we are planning to host a special charity event to celebrate the occasion. For this purpose, the primary role of the new non-permanent representative would be to assist the VSG in the design and organization of this event, and help us with alumni and student outreach throughout the semester.
Non-permanent positions in the VSG have been created for the purpose of supporting its permanent representatives in special tasks or circumstances. Although non-permanent representatives do not have voting rights in the VSG, they participate in all of its activities and can take part in all official meetings throughout the semester. The representatives are appointed by the VSG and as such do not go through a voting process.
If you want to know more or you’re interested in the position, you can send us an official email stating your motivation to until Monday, February 6, after which we will make an announcement about the selection in a couple of days.
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