VSG initiates request for a mandatory reading week

Over the next few weeks, the VSG is working on a proposal petitioning for the adoption of a college-wide policy incorporating a mandatory reading week. The proposal entails the introduction of a reading week in Week 14 of the Academic Calendar, in which students would not receive any additional reading assignments and could use the week to review readings for Final Exams.

For this purpose, the VSG asks all students to fill in a questionnaire mapping the amount of reading assignments students receive in the course of the semester. The questionnaire is available at https://goo.gl/forms/7NePrYrhq6YaWFgt1. Deadline for filling out the questionnaire is Sunday March 11, 6pm.

For any questions relating to the initiative, you can contact us at vsgbrussels@gmail.com, or get in touch with any of our members over Facebook.

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