Participate in student focus groups with the VSG and Major Representatives

Next week from March 20-23, the VSG will be organizing student focus groups which will provide students with the opportunity to voice their concerns in regards to their classes, faculty, or any other issue at Vesalius College. There will be one focus group organized with each Major, so students will also have the chance to debate Major-specific issues with the VSG and the Major Representatives.

The outcomes of the Focus Groups will be incorporated into a final report which will be drafted by the VSG and discussed with the faculty and Heads of Departments.

Each focus group will take place in the Student Lounge between 1-2pm from Monday, March 20, to Thursday, March 23. The specific schedule will be:

  • Monday March 20: Communications
  • Tuesday March 21: International Affairs
  • Wednesday March 22: International Law
  • Thursday March 23: Business

Snacks and drinks will be provided.

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