Vesalius College Tutoring Program

The Vesalius Student Government aims to offer a tutoring program that helps students reengage with the material and strengthen their own learning process. Our goal is to provide the opportunity for students to take charge of their own educational experience!

For Students:

How does it work?

Tutoring is provided for every course at Veco on request. Once you make a request, the Internal and Academic Affairs rep will coordinate with the professor of that course to nominate 1-3 tutors. After the tutors have been secured, you will be paired with a tutor and asked to coordinate a time to meet.

How do I request tutoring?

To receive tutoring, just make a request to the Internal and Academic Affairs representative, Maria Alfonso through Facebook or email. Please remember to include the course name in your message!

Do I have to go every week?

No. Tutoring is based off your needs and the tutor’s schedule. If you don’t need tutoring one week, then you don’t have to make an appointment with your tutor.

Does it cost anything?

No. Tutoring is 100% free of charge! Please consider it a part of the service that paying tuition provides for you and take advantage of it!

What if I need to cancel an appointment?

If you need to cancel an appointment please contact your tutor 24 hours in advance. If you cancel more than two times within 24 hours before the appointment, and it is not a medical or family emergency, the Internal and Academic Affairs rep will request that you compensate the tutor for their lost time by paying the fee that is normally provided by the university. This is to ensure that the tutors are respected for the time they donate to help.

For Tutors:

How do I become a tutor?

Tutors are nominated by the course professor. Once the nominations are received, the VSG will contact each of the nominated tutors and see if they are available.

What kind of support is there to help with tutoring?

Each tutor is expected to meet with the professor of the course they are tutoring for at least once to discuss important subjects, the syllabus structure, upcoming assignments and any other advice the professor thinks might be relevant. Tutors are also encouraged to share best practices between each other.

Do I get paid?

Yes! The university provides payment per hour and number of students. Payments will be processed in the form of vouchers given out by the university at the end of the semester.

1-2 students = 10 euros p/ hour

3 students =    15 euros p/ hour

4-5 students = 20 euros p/ hour

Can I request my payment before the end of the semester?

Yes. To do so please message the Internal and Academic Affairs rep and ensure that your tutoring hours have been reordered in the Tutor Hours Chart.

How do I reserve a study room?

Study rooms are reserved through the Study Room Reservation Sheet. Please use your assigned color to block of the amount of hours you need. All reservations must be made by Monday at 8 a.m. the week of.

For Professors:

How can I support the tutoring program?

Professors are the best source for students to become informed about the tutoring program. It’s critical that you understand how the tutoring process works and are able to pass on this knowledge to students in need. To support student empowerment and responsibility, the professors can advertise/ recommended the tutoring program but are requested to refrain from forcing a student into tutoring or making a request for tutoring on a student’s behalf. We want to see the students being responsible for their own educational experience, so please encourage these values!

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