SUNY MEU 2017 – Day 0: Making our way to New York City


Early yesterday morning the Vesalius College delegation to the State University of New York Model European Union met up at Zaventem Airport to depart to the United States. Over the coming days, the delegation will be participating in the simulation of the European Union on a variety of issues. This year, Vesalius College is taking on the following roles:

  • Donald Tusk, European Council: Linda Slapakova
  • Federica Mogherini, Foreign Affairs Council: Emiel Haeghebaert
  • European Council Secretariat: Stephan Johansen
  • Foreign Affairs Council Secretariat: Justyna Hinz
  • COREPER II Secretariat: Dieter Stroobants
  • ECOFIN Secretariat: Ivan Mannino

While our day was mostly filled with traveling to New York, here’s a summary of key events of the day:

  • Perfectly timed arrival at the US Pre-clearance at Dublin Airport complicated by half our delegation being selected for random security checks;
  • Most used sentence of the day: “Hey, where’s Ivan?”
  • Total hamburgers consumed: 12


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