VSG Election


Dear students,

With the Spring Semester coming to an end it its time for Vesalius College to select the new student government, which will take over responsibilities of the current VSG starting in the Summer 2018 semester. Therefore, we are happy to announce that interested students are now allowed to submit their candidacies to run for the VSG for the Academic Year of 2018-2019.

Candidates are allowed to run for the following permanent positions of the VSG, in line with the relevant provisions of the VSG Constitution:

  • President
  • Vice-President for Administration and Financial affairs
  • Representative for Internal and Academic Affairs
  • Representative for Social Affairs
  • Representative for External Communication and Public Relations
  • Representative for Social Media Communications

There are several rules governing the candidacies.

  1. You must be a student at Vesalius College during the entire term of the VSG, meaning the Academic Year of 2018-2019. This means that during the time of your term, you are not allowed to go abroad.
  2. Students on academic probation are not allowed to candidate for the VSG!
  3. All students (first and second year students) are allowed to run.
  4. All candidacies must be formally submitted to the VSG via email at vsgbrussels@gmail.com by Friday March 30, 8pm CET. All candidates failing to meet this deadline will be disqualified. Your candidacy should be submitted with a statement outlining your motivation and what you believe qualifies you to serve on the VSG, together with a picture which the VSG will use when announcing the candidates. If you are running in a team, please also state in your candidacy email which team members you are running with.

The elections will be organized after the following timeline:

  • March 22: Opening of candidacies
  • March 30: Deadline for submitting candidacies
  • March 30: Announcement of all candidates
  • March 30-April 27: Campaigns
  • April 25-27: Elections
  • April 30: Announcement of election results

In addition, in line with the relevant provisions of the VSG constitution, the following rules will be governing the electionsand the campaigns:

  1. Campaigning may start after candidates are officially announced by the current VSG.
  2. Candidates are allowed to campaign in teams, but will be elected individually. The voting ballots will list names according to positions, not teams. You are only allowed to run for one position.
  3. Candidates may not sabotage the campaigns of others. This includes taking down posters or messing with campaign material in any other way. Personal attacks against other candidates (no matter which position they are running for) are not allowed in any circumstances.
  4. To avoid spamming in the VeCo Spring 2018 Group, each candidate may post only one campaign related message in the group. This post can be used to promote campaign related pages or other messages, and can be posted at any point during the campaign. Posting campaign related items on the VSG facebook page is also not permitted.
  5. A Debate/Q&A Session will be held between all candidates. The exact date, time and location of this session is still to be decided and subject to the candidates’ availability. The rules for the session will be announced in due time.
  6. The current VSG will not officially endorse any candidate or teams and will remain impartial during the entire duration of elections.
  7. Current VSG members who are also candidates will not be involved in decision-making for election-related matters. For all matters relating to campaigning and elections, they will be considered candidates and not VSG members.
  8. Counting of the ballots will be executed by a selected member of the current VSG and members of the Vesalius College Administration.
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