Meet the VSG

Verena Feiersinger President

Hi everyone! My name is Verena Feiersinger and I am a second year student in International Affairs here at Vesalius. I was born and raised in a lovely town in Tirol, began school there before I changed schools and finished high school with honours in Innsbruck. Considering the rather simple life I had lived until then, many people wonder how I ended up studying International Affairs here in Brussels. After I had finished school, I wanted to “broaden my horizon” so I came to Brussels to work as an au pair. During that time I attended the Vesalius open day and figured it would be a great place to pursue my interest in politics and not return to Austria to study medicine. This past two years I have gotten to know Vesalius very well and I am looking forward to being your president for the next year. I know it can be challenging when you are new at Vesalius, even if you have been here some time, but I would love to guide you through it and help you with upcoming academic issues and any other issue you need support with. Anything you need or any problems you have at Vesalius, please feel free to talk to me at Veco or reach out to me on Facebook. I’m looking forward to working with all of you next year!

Felix-Dani Kastellan Vice-President of Administration and Financial Affairs

Hello, my name is Felix-Dani Kastellan. I am in my third year of studying International Affairs at the Vesalius College Brussels. I was born in Vienna, Austria and have lived in Malta, Austria, the United States of America and Germany. I mainly grew up in Germany (for 14 years) and spent all of my schooling career there. I attended the Franconian International School in Erlangen (Germany), which stimulated living in an international community, thus I decided to join the Vesalius College Brussels. I am fluent in German, English and conversational in Spanish. Next to going to school I used to be the head of the Book Bridge charity which sent English books to Mongolia and Cambodia to broaden the horizons of less fortunate children living in these areas. Furthermore I served as  VSG President last year which was only one of active roles I took in the Vesalius student community. My hobbies are very diverse. I enjoy playing football, volleyball, driving, reading about modern history and exploring the deeply anchored Belgian beer culture. Our team will make sure that you have a great time at Vesalius and we will always be there for you if you have issues of any kind; therefore do not hesitate to approach us.

Hanna Niepenberg The Representative for Internal and Academic Affairs
Hi, my name is Hanna and I am currently in my second year of studying International Affairs at VeCo. I was born in Cologne, Germany but moved at a young age to the tiny unknown German speaking part of Belgium where I have been living since. However, I still visited a school right behind the border to Germany and basically spend my entire life switching between the two countries. After graduating high school, I worked a while in a YMCA in South Africa. Besides German, I speak English as well as French and have started to learn Russian. Studying politics was a rather spontaneous choice but I am very happy with my decision to join the college. Vesalius offers you a great learning opportunity in an international environment so I wish to do my best to ensure you have a good time here in Brussels, no matter if youre full-time, transfer or study abroad student. If you happen to encounter difficulties particular with but not just exclusively academic and internal matters, I’ll gladly help you out!
Lander Baillière Representative of Social Affairs

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Emilie Rateau The Representative for External Communication and Public Affairs

Hello, my name is Emilie Rateau, I am in my second year, studying Global Communication at the Vesalius College, in Brussels. I was born and raised in Belgium, and have a double Belgian and French nationality. I am fluent in French and English. I attended the International School of Brussels, Belgium, and thus have been studying amongst an international community for several years. In addition to my studies, I was a member of the Model United Nations club and the Debate club to enrich my understanding of public relations. Furthermore, I was a Major Representative of Global Communications during my first year at Vesalius. I show interest in diverse activities, but my two central hobbies are climbing and music (violin). My team and I hope you enjoy your studies at Vesalius and are at your service if you encounter difficulties, thus feel free to approach us at any time.

Ella Antarez Correa Garcia The Representative for Social Media Communication

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