Join the VSG! Non-permanent Position Available

At the end of the semester, VeCo will be celebrating its 30th anniversary, and we are planning to host a special charity event to celebrate the occasion. For this purpose, the primary role of the new non-permanent representative would be to assist the VSG in the design and organization of this event, and help us […]


Join the P2P Challenging Extremism Team

After the success booked by the Vesalius College team in the spring edition of the Peer to Peer Challenging Extremism project organized jointly by the US State Department and Facebook, we have decided to compete again and, inspired by the values of our college, we will try to do better this time. Do you want […]

event team

VSG Event Team is recruiting!

This year we would like to continue with the Event Team that the former representative of social affairs introduced two semesters ago. This year, the task of the Event Team will not only include helping out with the midterm and finals party (ticket sale etc.). This semester, the team will also be helping out with […]


Student Clubs Announcement

As the Fall 2016 semester has kicked off, it is time to announce the schedule for student clubs. This academic year, we will be hosting several sports and student-activity clubs. Find the schedule below: