Major Representatives

Each year, two representatives for each major at Vesalius College are selected to contribute to the work of the VSG to equally represent the voices and opinions of all students. Each major is represented by two students, one representative for First Year students, and one for Second and Third Year students.

All major representatives, together with representatives of the VSG, meet several times throughout each semester to discuss the most important issues within their majors. The agenda of each meeting is set reflecting the most prevalent concerns among students, and a meeting can be called any time either by the VSG or the Major Representatives.

The major representatives are appointed for one year terms by the VSG President and Representative for Internal and Academic Affairs. In case there are more candidates for a Major Representative position, it is up to the discretion of the VSG to select the most appropriate candidate.

Below is a list of the current major representatives, listed per major.

International Affairs

Joelle Schilling:
Ella Garcia:

International and European Law

Léa Minden:
Julia Faure:


Silvia Ionita:
Emilie Rateau:


Maxime Pierre:
Sarah Kakule: